Dr. Bertrand Teguia Tabuguia, Ph.D.

A mathematics lover!


I have a Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) in Mathematics, in the field of Computer Algebra (2020), a master's degree in Mathematics (2018), and another in Computer Engineering (2016).

I am currently working as a researcher at the University of Kassel to continue some work arising from my Ph.D.

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Address: University of Kassel, Germany. Heinrich-Plett-Str.40. 34132 Kassel

Email:  bteguia@mathematik.uni-kassel.de / bertrand.teguia@aims-cameroon.org

Alternative web page: http://www.mathematik.uni-kassel.de/~bteguia/

Tel:  +49 1521 2117745 / +237 676915434


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Bertrand Teguia T.


A preliminary version of the following paper will be available next week!

Teguia Tabuguia, Bertrand and Koepf, Wolfram. Symbolic computation of hypergeometric type and non-holonomic power series.